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Diago Little Smasher 5 Watt Guitar Amp Head

Diago Little Smasher 5 Watt Guitar Amp Head

Product Information

Diago 'Little Smasher' 5W Guitar Amp Head

Featuring Gain and Volume controls, along with a 2-band active EQ with a massive 15dB boost and 30dB cut available on both the Bass and Treble controls, the Little Smasher's four analogue modelled cascading gain stages provide a range of tones, from chimey clean to plexi-esque rock crunch. It's designed to work especially well with pedals up front if you need to push it further or want multiple channels.

Now, 5 watts of power may not sound like much, but the Little Smasher is a diminutive little beast that can easily drive a wide range of cabinets. It'll sound great with a 4x12", and it's also surprisingly loud - you'll have no problem annoying the neighbours with the Little Smasher.

The idea of having a portable amp in a pedal board (check out Diago's top-notch Gigman, Showman and Tourman pedalboard range) alongside other effects is a great concept, and with the Little Smasher, Diago have conceived a real quality piece of kit.

5-Watt Portable Guitar Amp Head.
Controls – Gain / Volume / Bass / Treble.
Compact (600g – 120 x 43 x 86mm) – pedal-sized solution that can be velcroed to your pedal board.
4 to 16 ohms output impedance – can be used with any cabinet.
2-band active EQ – +15dB/-30dB, offering more tonal range than 3-band passive EQ.
Powered on standard 9V DC @ 600mA.
Very tough – 2mm fabricated carbon steel construction, durable and shock resistant.
Includes – Little Smasher, power supply, manual, Velcro and rubber foot pad.

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